Update: New Rolling Submissions and Hosting for 2023

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2023-04-15

Do Not Research is now accepting submissions for the next issue. In the meantime, we’re making some changes to our site.

The Manic American Humanist Show, Press Release

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2023-02-25

Public Works Administration
March 10th - March 26th

Artist Profile: Dena Yago

Posted by <Günseli Yalcinkaya> on 2023-02-23

Using the language of consumer culture

Artist Profile: Simon Denny

Posted by <Toniann Fernandez> on 2023-02-23

Imag(in)ing Digital Wilderness

Digital Economy Models

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2022-10-15

‘Influencers,’ ‘content creators,’ ‘bloggers,’ ‘vloggers’ and ‘posters,’ drive traffic to social media platforms. The majority of producers are not compensated by the platforms that profit from their labour.

Algorithmic Alienation and Transcendence

Posted by <Harris Rosenblum> on 2022-10-15

Religion is on the rise in the ‘cool’ places of the internet.


Posted by <Most Dismal Swamp> on 2022-10-15

(Multi-User Shared Hallucination) is a term derived from the field of online text-based role-playing games.

Screening + Q&A: Punctured Sky (2021)

Posted by <Filip Kostic>, <Jon Rafman> on 2022-10-15

Transcript from the DNR film program (03/16/22).

Random Forest: A Reading Room

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-10-15

A site-specific exhibition organized by Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe with Boo-Hooray.

Screening + Q&A: We're All Going to the World's Fair (2021)

Posted by <Jane Schoenbrun>, <Tomi Faison> on 2022-10-15

Transcript from the DNR film program (09/22/22).

DIGITAL LOCAL: The Post Internet Artists

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2022-10-15

Without the political possibility of yesterday, counterculture has suffered. This is a transcript of a talk presented at Unsound 2022 -- a survey of a decade of Post Internet Art.

Real Deepfakes and Fake Deepfakes

Posted by <Sam Lavigne> on 2022-10-15

The goal of Austin Police Department Decruitment Initiative is simple: we aim to convince members for the Austin Police Department to quit their jobs, and to discourage new recruits from joining.

The Internet of Friends

Posted by <Leith Benkhedda> on 2022-10-15

A radio play exploring online identity and community formation through a collection of short stories, testimonies, and autofictions.

DIGITAL LOCAL: Prehistory of Viral Media

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2022-10-15

Behind the Slides: Jak Ritger reflects meme analysis after his presentation at Unsound 2022 and shares his research materials.

femcel z-dolls and the memetic urge surfing of their irl compulsive insanity

Posted by <xleepy fay> on 2022-10-15

The visceral build of femcel z-dolls online activity in order to bypass the gaping void of our ruling socio-economic superstructure and its triggered transgressive irl urges.

Abuse Standards Violations (Excerpt)

Posted by <Eva Mattes>, <Franco Mattes> on 2022-10-15

A series of corporate guidelines leaked to the artists during their investigation into online content moderation.

Jim-cels Vs 'Mirin-chads

Posted by <Sakshi Rakshale> on 2022-10-15

How Zyzz, TikTok and the Pandemic led to the creation of the SARM Goblin.


Posted by <Spencer Longo> on 2022-10-15

TIME is a body of work consisting of 27 pen plotter prints on the page spreads of old issues of Time magazine from the waning years of the 20th century, spanning from 1979 to just after 9/11.

This image will become important later

Posted by <Thomas Mader> on 2022-10-15

In November 2011, after an over 12 year long killing spree, the existence of Neo-Nazi terror cell NSU (Nationalist Socialist Underground) was first reported on by German mainstream media.

Think of a number from 1 to 77. Conspiracy theories as memetic dreams

Posted by <Lena Peplińska> on 2022-10-15

Interactive installation exhibited in the basement of a local off-space gallery consisting of a CD rack with 77 conspiracy theories, displayed on 77 different pieces of foam board that together form an iceberg shape, 77 plexiglass arrows, and 77 web pages linking to conspiracy theories. Based on The Chart of Truth meme.


Posted by <João Enxuto>, <Erica Love> on 2022-10-15

We are artists who have been contracted to contribute work on the future of museums.

Oh My Darling

Posted by <Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman> on 2022-10-15

A pregnant woman goes out shopping for clementines, only to find the world changed in an unpleasant way.

Physically Strong, Mentally Awake, and Morally Straight

Posted by <David Noel> on 2022-10-15

Everyday Carry (EDC) is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day.

Like It or Not, I'm Dropping a Huge Bomb of Joy on Your Heart

Posted by <Angel Emoji> on 2022-10-15

A newsletter written by Bradley (cousin from Missouri).

Nude Self Portrait (DNR Mode)

Posted by <Hamzat Raheem> on 2022-10-15

To the user who tried to interact with this from Lagos Nigeria, I’m sorry I tapped “This wasn’t me”.

I Love it When the Images, When the Images Wash Over Me

Posted by <Sam Stewart> on 2022-10-15

Shoutout all the posters.


Posted by <Jacob Engblom> on 2022-10-15

A body of work centered around the visual latent space of the Feels Guy, aka Wojak.

Enter The Chamber

Posted by <Eternal Engine> on 2022-10-15

Backyard enchantresses and cyberfairies of technoculture.

In Defense of The Edgelord

Posted by <PostPostPost> on 2022-10-15

Understanding ideology better can help us take better creative risks.

Trailer: Climate Chaos, Baby

Posted by <Lucia Santina Ribisi> on 2022-10-15

A short documentary introducing Gen Z voices on the ethical debate about childbearing during the climate crisis.

Elevated and Upgraded: The Paradigms of Female Health and Body Optimization

Posted by <Morgane Billuart> on 2022-10-15

Part three of the Longforms series

Bauen Wohnen Denken

Posted by <Mythical Institution> on 2022-10-15

A durational roleplay series co-founded by Jan Berger, Katharina Hantke, Nikolaus Kockel & Nora Schön.

Compressed Time — Final Fantasy VIII as a Model of Our World

Posted by <Jan Berger> on 2022-10-15

A member of an elite military team, Squall is forced into a conflict beyond imagination. To survive, he must contend with a desperate rival, a powerful sorceress and his own mysterious dreams. — (Square 1999)

Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition II: I Have Been In This Place Before

Posted by <Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer> on 2022-10-15

Jacquard woven tapestries of 3D modelled scenes. They take their compositions from sections of the Apocalypse Tapestry, commissioned by Louis I in the 14th Century.

Political Identity After Wikipedia

Posted by <Reuben Dendinger> on 2022-10-15

Social democracy, democratic socialism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, insurrectionary anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism... Discovering this vast ideological terrain was thrilling.

Cultural Learnings of a Post-Borat America

Posted by <Julianna Ham> on 2022-10-15

The Birth of the Reflexive Mockamentary Film Genre.

Fanfic Politics

Posted by <Pedro Gossler> on 2022-10-15

Hideous men with autocratic tendencies, an honest father-and-son talk in the age of post-truth, taylor swift and oil fields

Data Collection Chant for 16 Voices

Posted by <Blake Robbins> on 2022-10-15

Audio installation originally for 4 speakers in quad audio from the bathroom of the Do Not Research group show at lower_cavity gallery in Holyoke, Western Massachusetts in the Spring of 2022

Viral When You Cry (On Main)

Posted by <Sarah Chekfa> on 2022-10-15

An analysis of the crying selfie

Network Spirituality

Posted by <Brandon Bandy>, <Rachel Jackson> on 2022-10-15

A collaborative exhibition at University of California

Selected Sculptures 2

Posted by <Brandon Bandy> on 2022-10-15

A continuation of my devirtualized memetic image-objects

Hypertext Monuments

Posted by <Rachel Jackson> on 2022-10-15

A series of modular sculptures examining the erasure of context that occurs via image aggregation


Posted by <Paranoia State> on 2022-10-15

Mixed media artworks utilizing unclassified, Delimited, & FOUO (For Official Use Only) documents from various branches of the United States Military


Posted by <Alex Both> on 2022-10-15

An oil painting depicting a geographical diagram of landforms on one pangaeic continent

The “Blovad Effect,” Camouflage-Core, and What It Means for Post-Corny Fashion

Posted by <Owen Carry> on 2022-10-15

When Nostalgia Becomes Cliché, The Fashion World Should Follow

The Prelon in the Desert

Posted by <Noture Bosnuze fka olive oil> on 2022-10-15

oliveoil aka butterflysafezone.substack.com


Posted by <coldsteel003> on 2022-10-15

The lone Bitchute User, having learned of the liquidation of human inhabitants throughout the nation, decides to expose the NPCs for what they are.

Rippin' Off the Bandaid!

Posted by <K8 Howl> on 2022-10-15

14 minute short film. An unemployed Gen-X musician navigates the summer of 2020 by doom-posting on social media and at the local graffiti spot in the woods.


Posted by <Anna Eisenman> on 2022-10-15

These videos draw content from the dark spaces of the internet, conspiracy theories and chat room archives.

Rivelino Hyper-Vigilance Apparatus

Posted by <Joe Iovino> on 2022-10-15

Why wait for a group photo to find out you’ve been leaning in towards the people you love (a weak trait)?

Esoteric Memes

Posted by <Max Dauven> on 2022-10-15

Abstract memetic symbols used in esoteric and spiritual meme subcultures.

Special Research Report: Getting Rich Quick

Posted by <Vector Lab in collaboration with Avery Corp> on 2022-10-15

An exploration into getting rich quick online.

Visualizing "Hyperstructures"

Posted by <Jeremiah Currier> on 2022-10-15

co-created with DALL-E2

Art is Everything

Posted by <Sean Kennedy> on 2022-10-15

The video essay has emerged as a dominant form on YouTube.


Posted by <Guillermo Gutiérrez Arribas> on 2022-10-15

A new version of a famous real estate board game, organized by two axes: economic (left–right) and social (authoritarian–libertarian).

Final Culture War Veteran, 2081

Posted by <Henry Allan> on 2022-10-15

Gift of Independent Council For Social Understanding

Realness Scars

Posted by <Any Angel> on 2022-10-15

An illustrated video transcript of a conversation between the artist and GPT3.

Gargoyle3699 (You, Me, and GPT-3)

Posted by <Georgica Pettus> on 2022-10-15

An email exchange between myself and a GPT-based language learning model.

LOVELOAD (extended)

Posted by <Eliška Jahelková> on 2022-10-15

New memes are like prayers and spells. Posting them is like a ritual.

Hunter & Noelle

Posted by <Jake Hasapopoulos> on 2022-10-15

Two children of two politicians, One Democrat, One Republican, Both Addicted to Crack.

The Living Diamonds of Yakutia

Posted by <Leo Elia Jung>, <Jae August> on 2022-10-15

The history of a shining future.

LARPing as a Compassionate Boulder

Posted by <DJ Meisner> on 2022-10-15

A series of mixed media watercolors.

In de Duysent Vrees (Amid the Thousand Fears)

Posted by <Andrea Karch> on 2022-10-15

Two-channel video. An inquiry into the roots and rhetoric of what Natascha Strobl terms German “radicalized conservatism.”

Gossip Girl Memes And Elizabethan Court Poetry

Posted by <Aidan Walker> on 2022-10-15

It’s Like Cows And Mice

are you there God? It’s me, user @867778852908

Posted by <Dakotah Weeks Murphree> on 2022-10-15

Spirituality and the algorithm

The A͎C͎T͎I͎V͎E͎ ͎A͎R͎T͎I͎S͎T͎ and The ᴱᵀᴱᴿᴺᴬᴸ 𖣘 ᴿᴱᵀᵁᴿᴺ

Posted by <Sean Jewell> on 2022-10-15

The impracticality of A͎C͎T͎I͎V͎E͎ ͎A͎R͎T͎ is the impracticality of liberation, of êñlïgh†êñmêñt.

Reality Shifting

Posted by <Dylan Serventi> on 2022-10-15

Dungeon Master, Witchtok Reality Shifter, Martian Colonist and Haptic-Crypto-Landian

Computational Infrastructures

Posted by <Anthony Discenza> on 2022-10-15

Suite of images produced via Stable Diffusion, upscaled with Gigapixel AI

Net Architecture

Posted by <Matt Shaw> on 2022-10-15

Digital Social Space, Game Engines and Phenomenal Collapse

I will Not Rest Until Every Coal Car in America is Covered with Politigram Memes.

Posted by <Nick Bird> on 2022-10-15

Every niche internet micro-celebrity in Cyberspace has reposted your dystopian satire meme about Posthuman Andrew Tate-Bot’s Robux-based virtual forex trading course (0.005 BTC).


Posted by <Laura Gede> on 2022-10-15

A brief and nowhere near comprehensive guide to my unfortunate cyber-existence.

Cursor Series

Posted by <Kayla Drzewicki> on 2022-10-15

Screen based performances that use digital objects

Transformers: Terminal (Trailer)

Posted by <Tomi Faison>, <Miles Engel-Hawbecker> on 2022-10-10

A feature film about an E-Girl, a soy boy, and the horrors of fandom.

Arverne Cinema: Do Not Research in Rockaway

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-07-10

Do Not Research presents a screening of video works that explore niche internet subcultures and the strange experience of being online today; queer furry militias, UFO’s, conspiracy theories, anonymous message boards and memetic transmission.

Rhizome Presents: Do Not Research Book Launch at the New Museum

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-06-06

'Do Not Research 2021 - 2022' reproduces written works from the blog: 143 posts by 110 contributors in the past 11 months.

Do Not Research: Group Show

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-04-23

The first in person exhibition of the Do Not Research community.

DNR IRL @ lower_cavity

Posted by <Toniann Fernandez> on 2022-04-23

A reflection on the first IRL exhibition of work by the Do Not Research community.

How to Plant a Meme

Posted by <Joshua Citarella> on 2022-04-11

"In late 2018, I began a secret 18 month long project to infiltrate and positively influence radical online Gen Z communities."


Posted by <Dana Greenleaf> on 2022-02-15

A short film that transforms the chat-room of a porn-forum into a techno-feudal court

More Than Orcs

Posted by <Harris Rosenblum> on 2022-02-15

Orcs, goblins, guns, genuine 3rd class relics and e-girl shrines. A series of sculptures produced as if by an unseemly extremely-online genius

Millenarian Dreams of the Schizo-scene

Posted by <Caleb Cain> on 2022-02-15

Caleb Cain surveys the schizo-posting online ecosystem, identifying tendencies and tropes of the scene while revealing the underlying desires beneath these poster's apocalyptic, Millenarian desires

Domestic Cozy Starter Pack

Posted by <K8 Howl> on 2022-02-15

K8 Howl researched feminism, “List-N,” Cleantok, and created a list of the essential products in her home.

Cycles: The Sacred and the Doomed

Posted by <Morgane Billuart> on 2022-02-15

Morgane Billuart investigates Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, the 'insufficient technology of the body,' and the possibilities of Femtech. Moving beyond the fluctuations of the body, we begin to see a world that Donna Haraway may have dreamt of — mixed with nuances of Silicon Valley.

(Cobwebs Spun Back & Forth In The Sky)

Posted by <Nick Vyssotsky> on 2022-02-15

Set to Philip Glass, cut and spliced together, a composition of videos sourced simply from Vyssotsky's Liked-Posts on social media becomes a portrait of the online space Vyssotsky occupies

Notes on Cryptofash

Posted by <Chris Mansour> on 2022-02-15

A response to "The Left is Not a Concept" written by Benedict Cryptofash and published in The Platypus Review Issue #142. It is an exploration into the recent phenomenon of "post-" or "anti-Left" Marxism.

11 Notes From the Pod

Posted by <Tomi Faison> on 2022-02-15

Is this socialism or do you want me to live in the pod and eat the bugs?

The Rise and Fall of the American Valkist Party

Posted by <Sam Stewart> on 2022-02-15

A heroically deep-dive into a far-right party that meets, organizes and holds marches in Roblox

Roblox Valkist Visualization

Posted by <Sam Stewart> on 2022-02-15

A contextual map of the broader far-right Roblox community from the Valkists, as discussed Sam Stewart's "The Rise and Fall of The American Valkist Party"

Behind the Production of COLLIDER

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2022-02-15

Collages and texts exploring the genesis of Jak Ritger's COLLIDER


Posted by <Sara Bezovsek> on 2022-02-15

A descent down a hellacious feed presenting all possible ends of humanity and the Earth

Calabasas 1/26/20

Posted by <Xavier Rotnofsky> on 2022-02-15

A dense fog in the San Fernando Valley cancels a meeting of UFO hunters and causes an unexpected tragedy in the nearby mountains.

Investigating the Instagram Infographic Industrial Complex

Posted by <Abby Orler> on 2022-02-15

A thorough analysis and critique of the Instagram Infographic trend

Over-Hyphenated Platform Capitalism Futures

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-02-15

In the last 30 minutes of our final reading-group meeting covering Srnicek's Platform Capitalism, participants were encouraged to make an over-hyphenated-speculative scenario based on the themes of the book.


Posted by <Benjamin Hall> on 2022-02-15

A narrative game in which your choices shift your placement on a DnD alignment chart and political compass

Interview With Theo Anthony

Posted by <Theo Anthony>, <Tomi Faison> on 2022-02-15

Our film program coordinator Tomi Faison sits down with Theo Anthony, director of All Light Everywhere (2021).

Bad Data

Posted by <Mike Pepi> on 2022-02-15

Mike Pepi revisits an old argument -- a defense of museums against those who wish to replace them with databases -- in a new wave of techno-optimism

Karaoke, TikTok, and Mimesis

Posted by <Brandon Avery Joyce> on 2022-02-15

An analysis that introduces mimesis as a masterkey to karaoke, fan videos, and TikTok.

Selected Sculptures

Posted by <Brandon Bandy> on 2022-02-15

A selection of sculptures devirtualizing images, personalities, and rare brand-crossover drinks


Posted by <Elias ZX> on 2022-02-15

A short film inspired by a short 4chan post. The life of a NEET unravels

"corredora" & "Unhyphenate -Me"

Posted by <Sean Jewell> on 2022-02-15

Two prose-pieces by Sean Jewell, exploring supply chain problems and the importance of the hyphen to contemporary identity

Critique of Josh

Posted by <Alexander Quiquero> on 2022-02-15

A critique of Josh's Politigram and The Post-Left and his broader research methods

Everyone is Bored, Everything is Boring

Posted by <Marie Larsen> on 2022-02-15

A tour through the tired institutions, and a look at the platforms and communities that seek to replace them. Is another art world possible?

Review of Gillian Wearing: Wearing Masks

Posted by <Reuben Dendinger> on 2022-02-15

Reuben Dendinger guides us through the Gillian Wearing exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum.

75 Tbps of Cute Violence Compass

Posted by <Noura Tafeche> on 2022-02-15

A future-compass for the intersection of cuteness and war-crimes, neoteny and insurrection

Some Sign Pt2

Posted by <Anna Eisenman> on 2022-02-15

9/11, The Last Mimzy, and a childhood realization of the gift of prophecy


Posted by <Toniann Fernandez> on 2022-02-15

Livin' on a Prayer and incredibly complicated alternative medicine sold by a Bon Jovi-led MLM/cult


Posted by <Sean J Patrick Carney>, <Thomas J Gamble> on 2022-02-15

Part 2 of a thriller for the age of the gig-economy. "The app knows where I am, she reassured herself."


Posted by <Sean J Patrick Carney>, <Thomas J Gamble> on 2022-02-15

Part 1 of a thriller for the age of the gig-economy. "The app knows where I am, she reassured herself."


Posted by <Julianna Ham> on 2022-02-15

A vision of precariatized information workers in a dying world framed by the trashed prosperity of the old world

After Geoengineering Paintings

Posted by <Holly Overton> on 2022-02-15

'A series of large oil paintings of life-sized, hyper-realized roses in scenes of environmental concern,' inspired by Holly Jean Buck's After Geoengineering


Posted by <Christopher Michael> on 2022-02-15

WHOLEEARTHBELOWME is a sound piece that explores Heaven as it pervades our cultural consciousness

Digital Pseudepigraphy

Posted by <Pneumatic Materials>, <Nate Sloan>, <JC Dentun> on 2022-02-15

Strategies of Opaque Authority in Kabbalistic Scholarship and 4chan Greentexts

Burning Houses and How to Paint Them

Posted by <DJ Meisner> on 2022-02-15

Some visual art and writing by DJ Meisner, and "you, the girl reading this, screenshotting this for later because you didn’t know that you weren’t the only one."

Selected Works: Troy Scully

Posted by <Troy Scully> on 2022-02-15

A selection of paintings in which discorded dreams of climate doom and political decay spill into the structures and feeds we occupy online


Posted by <Austin Kim> on 2022-02-15

Austin Kim elevates a child's ritual. Ancient and modern religious imagery resound with this youthful, hypnotic fantasy


Posted by <Trent Crawford>, <Stanton Cornish-Ward> on 2022-02-15

Three individuals recall their life's journey and how it led them towards a radical form of decentralized self-improvement therapy

To The Heavens

Posted by <Logan Bruni> on 2022-02-15

An animated space shuttle is filled with 3D scans of cultural objects from three databases. 👽


Posted by <Pneumatic Materials>, <Nate Sloan>, <JC Dentun> on 2022-02-15

Pneumatic Materials wants to provide a voice to the felt yearning for God on display so frequently today and in particular online spaces, which, if not provided with an alternative, might tend towards reactionary dogmatism.

They Speak to you Like You Are Children

Posted by <Nick Bird> on 2022-02-15

Nick Bird makes an address to young people –– and to those involved in researching radical politics. He was previously invited to speak in a panel of politigrammers in "After the End of History" 2019, part of Rhizome’s “Info-Wars” program exploring new forms of political thought emerging online.

Neoliberal Children's Books

Posted by <Joe Iovino> on 2022-02-15

Joe Iovino gives us a special tour of his collection of Neoliberal Children's Books.

We Need To Talk About Mikey

Posted by <Eamon Levesque> on 2022-02-15

Analysis on escaping the cringe vortex, and how the patterns that befell Chris Chan are likely to befall another.

Chris Chan’s Gift to Mia Hamm: No More Virgin With Rage

Posted by <Rachel Jackson> on 2022-02-15

Three apples, lavender air-freshener, breath mints, Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser, 4-gig flash drive with the track sets of the 1990 WTJU jazz marathon, Teenage Dream, and Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) album tracks, placed on a 3d printed bootleg of Ettore Sottsass’s Murmansk fruit bowl.

Subjects and Objects

Posted by <Andy Bennett> on 2022-02-15


Bootleg Adidas

Posted by <Drew (Kunai)> on 2022-02-15

A series of images of the Silver Valley of Idaho – all of the garments used were fabricated in New York specifically for this project. Rather than attempting to describe or explain the work, Drew choses to share his musings.

Symbology Jacket

Posted by <John Fullmer> on 2022-02-15

Symbology Jacket was inspired by Trevor Paglen’s Symbology project documenting secret black site insignia.

Assuming Control

Posted by <Max Dauven> on 2022-02-15

Assuming Control is a photo series that takes up fragments of memes and memetic practice on the internet.


Posted by <Paige K B> on 2022-02-15

Gadsden flag remix.

Skitching w/NPCs

Posted by <Michael Bikeal> on 2022-02-15

Michael Bikeal teaches you how to skitch on a bicycle, and then some.


Posted by <Jakob Maier> on 2022-02-15

Endurance performance set to "I'll Be There For You."

Capitalist Realism Meme Book

Posted by <Annebel Breij> on 2022-02-15

A page by page translation of Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism, consisting of over 100 memes


Posted by <DJ Big Dumb Idiot> on 2022-02-15

Parasite mourns lost futures.

Pixel Austerity Brand Manifesto

Posted by <Pixel Austerity> on 2022-02-15

Social media collapses the commercial and political, turning identities into personal brands. Activism on platforms like Instagram or Twitter must not only wield a powerful message – most importantly, it must embody a desirable look and aesthetic.


Posted by <Mitch Anzuoni> on 2022-02-15

Mirror acts much like Substack or Squarespace, but with a crucial difference: it taps into web3 services to transform your writing from mere textual content to inchoate cryptofinancial instrument.

Mont‐Pèlerin - Do Not Research

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-02-15

The Euro members of the DNR community visit the place that started it all ...

Dark Forests and Student Organizing

Posted by <Travis Hunnie> on 2022-02-15

Student Travis Hunnie discusses how dark forest spaces have informed his studies and IRL organizing.

Ambient 4K ASMR TV New 1080p MEME Compilation 2022

Posted by <CCRUwU> on 2022-02-15

After 1 year of CCRuWu, we present to you this Ambient 4K ASMR TV New 1080p MEME Compilation 2022.

Appropriating Celebrity: The Efficiency of Digital Detournement

Posted by <Dale Eisinger> on 2022-02-15

Looking back on Finkelstein's Tutorial: Military Memetic, the Gravel 2020 campaign, the Obama coalition, and the meaning of digital detournement.

Contemporary Animation Technique and Aesthetics

Posted by <Ferg> on 2022-02-15

Community member Ferg takes up the debate of concept versus craft. This is a peek into the skill-sharing workshops within the Do Not Research Discord.

SSSC Bang Reviews

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-02-15

Every day, people log on to the DNR discord just to share images of different Bang flavors in #chat.

Vessel JR

Posted by <Theo Belci> on 2022-02-15

Every up-and-coming neighborhood in Manhattan needs its centerpiece, especially when looking to turn the corner from a "young nightlife hotspot" to a "stable investment area". The high-profile condominiums and retail slowly filling in the blocks between Delancey and Canal certainly raise the profile of the neighborhood, but feel disjointed and need acceleration.

The Perils of Decentralization: The Internet-as-Protocol

Posted by <S. Posner> on 2022-02-15

S. Posner tours us through texts such as Alexander Galloway's "Protocol" and Shoshana Zuboff's "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" to discuss the status of institutions in the age of the Internet.

The Map of Hell

Posted by <Ruba Al-Sweel> on 2022-02-15

Akin to the original Map of Hell and Carly Busta’s Clearnet vs Dark Forest diagram, the internet here is reimagined as a layered and ever-deepening geology, with various levels of access and visibility.

KidZania; Branding a Society

Posted by <Gustav Heinsen> on 2022-02-15

Imagine a global institution: An institution with its own government, rules, infrastructure, currency, language, anthem, flag, and mythology; an institution located in major cities across the world; an institution with millions of young citizens who are loyal supporters of its values. The name of that institution is KidZania, and the year is 1999.

Portal Reading Group

Posted by <DNR Community>, <Trust> on 2022-02-15

We join Trust in a cross-discord live event. Joanna Pope guides us through a classic text by Vilem Flusser: selections from “Towards a Philosophy of Photography” (1983).

The Dire, Bullshit Economics of Twitch Creators

Posted by <Attila Haraszti> on 2022-02-15

@haywirez tours us through the rare opportunity to see real, hard numbers on how much money ends up in the pockets of those who create content online. The Great Twitch Leak of 2021 provided the perfect missed opportunity.


Posted by <Margo Bergamini>, <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-10-08

DNR FALL 2021 is a transcript of a talk given by co-directors Abbey Pusz and Margo Bergamini. It outlines the goals of DNR and introduces the fall update to the blog.


Posted by <Holly O> on 2021-09-15

Holly Cow ruminates on the milk wars, casting light on the recent surge in popularity of alternative medicine and diet among the extremely-online


Posted by <DJ UMBERTO ECCO 2K> on 2021-09-15


My Political Journey: Margo

Posted by <Margo Bergamini> on 2021-09-15

DNR co-director Margo recounts her political journey. My Political Journey is a written continuation of Joshua Citarella's podcast series.

The Memeing of Mark Fisher

Posted by <Academic Fraud> on 2021-09-15

Following the September 11th publication of the Memeing of Mark Fisher, Admin F supplies a short essay on the topic.


Posted by <Devin Thomas O'Shea> on 2021-09-15

In the lead-up to graduate school in 2016, /lit/ was a way of eavesdropping on pseudo-academic conversations which didn’t end up helping me much while studying. But, I got to know the board, and ever since I’ve wanted to write something about it—especially if this piece can thread the needle of not condoning bigotry while creating a sympathetic account of why this niche exists.

Sketchbook: Abbey Pusz

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-09-15

Sketchbook is a series of eight vertical video art pieces. These works explore the often contradictory spiritual desires of today, while foregrounding the radical political demands for a postcapitalist or post-work future.

Auto Experiment: Hyper Masculinity

Posted by <Joshua Citarella> on 2021-09-15

This summer Joshua Citarella tried every internet folklore male improvement technique.

Zero-Sum Self-Help

Posted by <Erik Simkins> on 2021-09-15

Thanks OP, you have been a real life-changing portal of motivation.

The Parasocial Spiral

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-09-15

In this report, Jak Ritger present three visualizations of how narrative, data and capital flow through digital information systems and offer strategies to subvert, detour or catalyze multi-directional liberation.

Can't Delete Later

Posted by <Alfred Muszynski> on 2021-09-15

A series of paintings that think through devirtualization.

Public-Private Partnerships for Mediate-Immediate Experiences

Posted by <Nate Sloan> on 2021-09-15

What happens when the very diagnoses of new methods of subjection become the ideal in architecture? Nate Sloan walks us through the mental gymnastics of public space being packaged and sold with the private, and the Hudson Yard's ultimate destination as a Instagram tourist trap.

Wanderer Above the Burning Yards

Posted by <Dank Lloyd Wright> on 2021-09-15

Hudson Yards is the behemoth it is today because it exploited economic fears, Olympics false hope, and money-betting-on-money speculative finance. DLW reflects on how capitalist realism impacts the architecture community.


Posted by <News/Acc> on 2021-09-15

This project is an attempt to speed run through the front pages of the newspaper while also seeding context, background and counterpoints. More often, however, it is a space to scoff at the parallel universe inhabited by corporate media journalists.

Archive at the End of History

Posted by <Grace Menninger> on 2021-09-15

Archive virus, or a phantom speaks. Even ten or fifty years later, culture war ephemera maintains its radioactive cognitohazard feeling.

The Creative Spirit and the Horizon of the Possible

Posted by <Ryan Seffinger> on 2021-09-15

Community member Ryan Seffinger gives us a peek into San Francisco's DSA scene, complete with its burn out and creative perimeters.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is Dead

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-09-15

A short poem, published in anticipation of the one year anniversary of RBG's passing.

Edeologies: Taoist Anarchism

Posted by <Logan Marrow> on 2021-09-15

A deep dive into the niche political community of Taoist Anarchism.

My Political Journey: Catboy Deleuze

Posted by <Catboy Deleuze> on 2021-09-15

Catboy Deleuze recounts their political journey. My Political Journey is a written continuation of Joshua Citarella's podcast series.

Hyberborean Mashup

Posted by <Crude Futures> on 2021-09-15

An analysis of the aesthetics of the far-right that emerged after the alt right moment.

Astro Millenial NEET Boredom Coloring Book for Adults

Posted by <Nick Vyssotsky> on 2021-09-15

Astro Millennial NEET Coloring Book for Adults celebrates the domestic and self-care practices of the terminally-online.

Long Meme

Posted by <Societyiftextwall> on 2021-09-15

Societyiftextwall supplies us with some greenpilled postpromethean antiantiutopian propaganda.

Gamer Keyboard Wall Piece #1

Posted by <Sjef van Beers> on 2021-09-15

In Gamer Keyboard Wall Piece #1 the RGB lit keys of four gamer keyboards have become the pixels of a video installation displaying a text addressing loneliness, anxiety and more downsides of NEET life, amongst other topics.

Jon Has No Chill

Posted by <Devin Thomas O'Shea> on 2021-09-15

Our narrator is the only faithful viewer of a middle-aged youtuber he finds at once pathetic and enviable.

Excellent Information: Episodes 4 & 5

Posted by <Carmelo Pampillonio> on 2021-09-15

Episodes 4 & 5 of Carmelo Pampillonio's Excellent Information, covering deep space communication and the meaning of the pyramids

Taking Stock: A Scale Model of a City

Posted by <Dylan Serventi> on 2021-09-15

A large city is established like many others due to its proximity to water. It expanded in three directions, up, out and down. Systems and networks like those for water, were established and bedded into the ground. This video follows a few of the people who live there; all use and take part in these systems.


Posted by <Logan Bruni> on 2021-09-15

"Commute" is an exploration of the digital layers augmenting the daily commute to an alienating job. The screens of the phone as well as the parasocial podcast audio are always present, leaving a residue of ideas and takes to be regurgitated later.

Office Luck and Bounty

Posted by <Jane Balfus> on 2021-09-15

Office Luck and Bounty looks through the eyes of an ordinary worker and lapses into her habit of historicizing splintered moments, treating them as precious gifts, whether they are repulsive or loveable, plain or extraordinary

People, Grass Clippings, Even Manure

Posted by <Any Angel> on 2021-09-15

“People, Grass Clippings, Even Manure” (13:30, 2021) is an illustrated video transcript of a conversation between the artist and an instance of GPT3 primed with ‘Into the Universe of Technical Images,’ an essay by the late media theorist Vilem Flusser.

Excerpt from Mannheim

Posted by <Gregory Nachmanovitch> on 2021-09-15

Mannheim is a monologue.

Wake Up Babe, New Content by Instagram User @poorspigga Just Dropped

Posted by <Poorspigga> on 2021-09-15

POV: you're a man and poorspigga's staring out the meme and somewhere past where you're sitting

Moderators, Murder, Memes

Posted by <Anonymous> on 2021-09-15

An anonymous internet user comes to terms with the mundane ubiquity of death and terror online. This is not unique.

URL to IRL: Where Does the Funnel End?

Posted by <Ian Campbell> on 2021-09-15

Online radicals find themselves so deeply entrenched in new, often self-constructed, sets of esoteric beliefs that it is hard to imagine a way out.

Say No

Posted by <Ross Simonini> on 2021-09-15

"Say No" is the first single off of Standards volume 2, an EP by the musician, artist, and writer, Ross Simonini.


Posted by <Harris Rosenblum> on 2021-09-15

The state of craft is in crisis...we should adopt an accelerationist attitude about craft's future.

Big Game for Someone with Such a Small Truck: Media Conglomerates Vs. Everybody

Posted by <Eamon Levesque> on 2021-09-15

Most corporate mottos land somewhere between laughable and unsettling... An exception. The late media mogul Sumner Redstone coined the phrase “Content is King” to describe his business philosophy. He nailed that shit.

24 Hour Bed PC Live Stream

Posted by <Filip Kostic> on 2021-08-15

Neoliberalism's Toughest Battles < Strongest Soldier Flip Kostic

Memetic Tactics: The Slow Red Pill

Posted by <Untitled> on 2021-07-14

Once you’ve been red-pilled, you want other people to take the red-pill, too.

Invisible Hand

Posted by <Grace Menninger> on 2021-07-05

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Do Not Research: Lindy

Posted by <Holly O>, <Margo Bergamini>, <Joshua Citarella>, <David Y> on 2021-06-21

DNR community researchers Davidy, Holly & Margo join Joshua Citarella to discuss the "Lindy Effect" and why you should eat 36 raw eggs a day.

La La La La (Inside An Empty Room My Inspiration Flows)

Posted by <Nick Vyssotsky> on 2021-06-21

'La La La La (Inside An Empty Room My Inspiration Flows)' feels a bit like an indoctrination video that could have be used by MKultra or in the Ludovico Treatment, portraying a vision of the world defined by humanity's proximity to conflict, technology and precarity.

America's Uncanny Valley

Posted by <Bella K> on 2021-06-21

Uncertain. Familiar. Eerie. To exist in the immediate American era is to exist in the uncanny valley. But maybe taking a closer look can awaken our weakened political imaginations.

Leaving Babylon

Posted by <Logan Marrow> on 2021-06-21

"Leaving Babylon" contextualizes the influx of Rastafarian imagery in leftist politigram memes, and finds the kernel of a politicized spirituality beneath the irony.

Time Queerly Tangled (pt 2)

Posted by <Jady> on 2021-06-21

In Part 2, Jady finds a name and returns to online discourse, finding it changed as much as she did.

"Compassion compels fierceness. In the face of exploitation, it's not compassionate to say, 'let's understand where the bosses are coming from.'"

Time Queerly Tangled (pt 1)

Posted by <Jady> on 2021-06-21

In Part 1 of Jady's "Time Queerly Tangled," she recounts the formation of her gender and her politics, and describe how both were open to change over time.

"The Genderbread Person and its consequences have been a disaster for queer people."

Hacktivism 2.0

Posted by <Ryan Maleady> on 2021-06-21

Excerpt from Ryan Maleady's Flounder, 2021.

Doomer - The Game

Posted by <Dimitri Karakostas> on 2021-06-21

Doomer, a time capsule of the late-2020's memescape.


Posted by <Nate Sloan> on 2021-06-21

Do not kill the part of you that is cringe...

... kill the part that cringes.

Plotting Attention Bubbles

Posted by <Anthony Simons>, <Jak Ritger> on 2021-06-21

DNR Contributors Tony and Jak dive into the phenomena of pastel infographics on instagram.

The Tradition of Posting

Posted by <Nate Sloan> on 2021-04-19

While irony-poisoned reaction has been a cornerstone of internet discourse for decades, this new type of reactionary twitter account eschews irony in favor of a sincere embrace of “tradition.” Nate Sloan explores what this "tradition" means in the context of art and the history of architecture.

Reclaim the Network

Posted by <Noelle> on 2021-04-19

Further investigation into what "dark forest" internet spaces and e-deologies offer us.

Sailing through Sewage

Posted by <News/Acc> on 2021-04-19

DNR Contributor C takes us sailing through the shit that is 24/7 free to air news channels, using Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky as his guide.

Loli No Knock

Posted by <David Noel> on 2021-04-19

Understanding No-Knock Raids, 2021, single channel video, runtime: 51 seconds

Cultural Work is Not the Problem

Posted by <Max Lopez> on 2021-04-19

Contrary to the reductive formulation suggesting that left politics must either be class-first or identity-first, Fisher’s manifesto against the authoritarian moralism of the “Vampire’s Castle” is entirely compatible with a class analysis that recognizes class as being segmented by other interwoven hierarchies. The enemy of mass based leftist movement must be correctly identified as essentialism rather than difference.

The MLM Project Log 4

Posted by <Allyn Ueland> on 2021-04-19

Continued exploration into how MLMs are employed, this time with personal anecdotes and a particular focus in on the company Zeekler.

48.5514° N, 123.0781° W (2021)

Posted by <Erik Simkins> on 2021-04-19

Through lyrical anecdotes that are woven with big-picture news, Erik Simkins seeks to share a vision of leftist principles that avoids its usual pitfalls.

The Macarena [Dance Tutorial]

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-04-19

The Macarena [Dance Tutorial], 2020, single channel video, runtime: 5:16 minutes.

Quarantv: A Brief and Accidental Window to Utopia

Posted by <Tomi Faison> on 2021-04-13

For many people, work is their meaning for living, and in some ways that’s admirable. But we should ask, is it literally the relationship of selling one’s labor? Or is it all the other things that come with work: clear tasks, structure, community, and a mission greater than yourself? If it’s the latter, are those things inextricably tied to the profit-driven workplace? Or could they be found or created another way? Audio is available for this blog entry.

Adapted Essay

Posted by <Erik Simkins> on 2021-04-12

Pressures of isolation and unemployment bring new meaning to work, particularly the production of art. Audio is available for this blog entry.

Rate Your Shelf

Posted by <Margo Bergamini> on 2021-04-05

What happens when the posture of the auto-didact reinforces a radical stance — when you read a book to better wage culture war?

Cults and Trauma

Posted by <Kara> on 2021-04-05

Words like "triggered" and "cope" have taken on a life of their own online; but where do these things find their origins? A brief analysis that brings us through cults, trauma, and the movement towards healing.


Posted by <Holly O> on 2021-03-29

Since antiquity, the myth of Hyperborea (literally “beyond the northern wind”) has loomed large in the European imagination. The earliest references to the idyllic land appear with the Ancient Greeks, who believed the continent, populated by a race of giants, was the Winter home of sun god Apollo.

you can do the macarena to any song

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-03-29

During the 2020 Atlanta BLM protest, videos began circulating of protestors and the National Guard dancing together. The Macarena resurfaces as a tactic for de-escalation. This analysis seeks to define how (possible) psy-ops enter our collective imagination.


Posted by <DJ UMBERTO ECCO 2K> on 2021-03-22


Starseeds: Alienation

Posted by <Matt L> on 2021-03-22

An analysis on the Starseed phenomenon, a spiritual community. While Starseeds are not directly related to Qanon, Matt L compares the two as biproducts of social alienation. Audio is available for this blog entry.

Towards Crypétournement

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-03-19

What happens when you sell a meme? Dive into an ocean of levitated value and uncover the history of pictures and possible political futures for the new digital mirages we call “non-fungible-tokens.” Artist and Activist, Jak Ritger struggles to detour developments in cryptocurrency towards political agency.

The MLM Project Log 3: Zombie Capitalism

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-03-18

“Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire and zombiemaker; but the living flesh it converts into dead labor is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.”

The MLM Project Log 2: The Project

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-03-18

Beginning an exploration into how MLMs are employed, and broadly, how MLMification impacts other parts of our lives.

The MLM Project Log 1: What is Multi-level Marketing?

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-03-18

MLMs are a crucial area of study because experiences with MLMs make concrete the theoretical critiques of capitalism, specifically the way in which capitalist structures embed regressive and extractive politics into society writ-large.


Posted by <DNR Community> on 2021-03-15

An attempt to record the categories developed in chat as we navigated Breadtube. Breadtube began after the 2016 election, gaining traction around 2017 and 2018 when Contrapoints received media attention for “deradicalizing” alt-right men when the alt-right was at its peak. The video essay format has persisted as a way to share key political ideas quickly.

Conspiracy Advertisement Campaign 2022

Posted by <Twee Whistler> on 2021-02-09