An animated space shuttle is filled with 3D scans of cultural objects from three databases. One set from the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art, which are mostly historical art objects. The second set of objects are 3D scans ripped from the mobile app PolyCam, all of which were posted by users to be viewed publicly. The final selection of scanned objects are all objects from my everyday life, mostly things I use, eat, or keep on my desk.

These objects collapse together in the bounds of the ship until it becomes full and takes off. Falling from the ship when it leaves the screen space is a scan of my body. The background is a video generated from VQGAN + CLIP of a 13th century painting of a space shuttle launch. The soundtrack of the work is the melody of Everytime by Britney Spears.

These objects range from the spiritually driven such as Saint Sebastian or Buddha, to kitsch toys like an Evangelion Funko Pop, or Chuck Norris bobble head. There are also many everyday objects such as an electric toothbrush, and a wallet.