Simfiltrator, 2022, digital video/paranoid boomer grift, 9:43

The existence of a “mass” within society is a product of modernity, capital, and our own inability to become subjects, playable characters. As such, we perceive humans as objects within a complex system which we have no control over or understanding of. It can appear that society is a game environment, or perhaps it is the case that our simulations are microcosmic projections of ourselves. The advent of computer science and artificial intelligence as major forces in the logistical network is a natural progression towards efficiency. In their cultural presentation, these topics are mystified greatly and posed in opposition to humanity. These factors crystalize and reify the estrangement between ourselves and the technological substrate we produce and live upon. Alienation, under these circumstances, takes on an even more antisocial character - we are in constant battle with our creation, trying to grasp control over a hyper-symbiotic communication technology. Our perception therefore undulates between the over-humanization of technology and the technologization of the human. Within this paradigm, others, especially strangers, appear as suspiciously non-human objects within a greater system. This perception is not necessarily incorrect, but it is a symptom of our fraught relationship to technology. A crisis becomes eminently apparent within the values of liberal bourgeois society: everyone is supposed to be a subjective individual, yet within the predicted masses it becomes increasingly difficult to view others as having any individual traits. From the view of a monad within the mass, others appear as appendages of machine entities, their desires, politics, and behavior mediated to the most granular affect. The closest reference point we have for this is the NPC,the non-playable figurant. It is no surprise that we have begun to portray and see people as such. We now seem to constantly need to remind ourselves that we are “human”, has this always been the case?

The lone Bitchute User, having learned of the liquidation of human inhabitants throughout the nation, decides to expose the NPCs for what they are. He risks his own sovereignty for the chance to alert the remaining real-human-people (how many of us) of the greatest replacement yet. Simfiltration is the only way to expose the Sims, IRL.