DJ Big Dumb Idiot is my new musical pseudonym.
DJ Big Dumb Idiot's work is both deeply serious and deeply unserious, and these only serve to embolden each other.
DJ Big Dumb Idiot's heart bleeds sincerely.
DJ Big Dumb Idiot is shot through with withering irony.
DJ Big Dumb Idiot cringes and then does it anyway.
DJ Big Dumb Idiot embraces failare.
Nobody has seen me and DJ Big Dumb Idiot in the same room together.
My own work and DJ Big Dumb Idiot's share a desire to grab the spectator and shake them.
To absolutely rip their heart out.
To utterly wrench their guts.
In a loving way ONLY.

I spent most of 2020 bedridden, recovering from a severe back injury.
Each day I left my bed only to eat, go to the toilet, maybe to shower or get some air if I was lucky.
Otherwise, by and large I was immobilised.
While the vast majority were confined to their homes and a small surrounding radius, I was confined to my bed.
During this time, I revisited some of Mark Fisher's work.
I joined a few Discord servers.
My retreat into the dark forest was and continues to be incredibly generative for me, both intellectually and creatively.
However, I struggled to incorporate all this new knowledge into my existing art practice.
My own name was all clogged up with old work, yet to be released or shown, bogged down in art school hangups.
I began Parasite as myself.
I made no progress on it for a year.
I needed to become DJ Big Dumb Idiot to finish Parasite.

Parasite is a jungle tune.
Parasite is about thirty years late.
Parasite doesn't necessarily know where to situate itself in time, and that hurts.
Parasite nevertheless hopes to be part of that which materialises the spectre of a world which could be free.
Parasite mourns lost futures.
Parasite mourns Mark Fisher.

Spoken word by Mark Fisher, taken from the lectures Cyberspace-time Crisis and The Slow Cancellation Of The Future. Mark Fisher wojak/Children of Men meme by Do Not Research community members.