Excellent Information is a podcast situated at the intersection of obsession and the internet. It is a show that functions as a hodgepodge evidence board, or “crazy wall”, tracing the increasingly cross-pollinating threads between internet content creation and conspiratorial modes of thinking.

These crowded fields both have the shared goal of churning entertainment from their ambitious pursuits of relevancy and connection-making within our saturated information economy. A common theme among conspiracy content is that the lack of narrative coherence is offset by the presence of just enough rhetorical continuity to entrance the listener into an impressionable state. Here, fragments of ideas and symbols diffuse through the content consumer, like channels through a watershed. Through this osmotic process, both fields serve as diligent vehicles for equalizing the mundane with the prolific.

Set to the rhythms of compelling music, the show is a meeting of minds from vastly different bespoke worlds. Speakers and experts track and interpret current events, as simulated beacons of guidance — reaching across the digital firmament to offer their visions of our networked future, and the chance to follow them as they follow link after link after link.

Excellent Information is for those who want to be “in the know.” For content consumers and pattern-spotters. Everything is significant. Like and subscribe.