Doom was released in the late 90s, a videogame remembered as one of the “first” first-person shooter games to ever be made. It has stuck around, propped up by the presence of quiet but persistent modding communities. As someone who is otherwise starting from absolute zero, I was able to jump right into supplying my own textures and level designs. Doomer takes its name from one wojack variant; the image of a sadistic, dark-eyed, cigarette-smoking young man. It samples just one of the many images and memes from my camera roll, all of which pull from the depths of the academic industrial complex. I thought I should do something with them. Everywhere I looked, Instagram or Discord, was a cycling of the same images anyways - I wanted to spin them somewhere they didn't belong.

I mean, there's a certain joy of seeing Nick Land, Hunter Biden, and a hot anime babe draping the scenery as you unload a rifle into a mutant alien creature.

Doomer, as a whole, is a nice little time capsule of the late-2020's memescape. I imagine it'll be even better to play a few years from now.


Updated 12/22: Fixed shareware bug, added a level



windows: expand .zip, install gzdoom, launch doom1.wad
mac: expand .zip, install gzdoom, copy doom1.wad from zip folder to /Library/Application Support/GZdoom/, launch GZDOOM

If that doesn't work for you, download zdoom

and the doomer file seperately

I don't know, dude.

you're trying to play a DOS game on a 2020 macbook pro.