This exhibition brings together the work of 41 artists and community members collected from the #share-your-work channel in the DNR Discord during 2020-22. Despite their extremely online origins, all of the works shown–ranging from paintings, sculptures, photographs, anime-girl-covered 3D printed guns and instagram scrolls–are physical objects. Installed throughout a basement level located below lower_cavity’s main project space, the artworks present a variety of reoccurring themes that interact with and reinforce one another. Political diagrams, taxonomies and iconography are scattered throughout scenario planning grids of improbable and speculative futures. Cryptographic mining rigs crunch an academic syllabus of meme books while role-play games work to rekindle our political imagination.

This exhibition opened at lower_cavity, in Holyoke, MA.

The exhibition features works by the following:

Brandon Bandy, Leith Benkhedda, Alex Both, Annebel Breij, CCRUwU, Joshua Citarella, Blake Robbins, Gaia Del Santo, Dorian Electra, Tomi Faison, Rufinta Ip, Rachel Jackson, Phoebe Jenkins, Jreg, Academic Fraud, Filip Kostic, Matt L, DJ Meisner, Grace Menninger, New Models, Alfred Muszynski, Greg Nachmanovitch, David Noel, Holly Overton, Abbey Pusz, Jak Ritger, Harris Rosenblum, Troy Scully, Erik Simkins, Society If Text Wall, Stewia, Sam Stewart, Brad Troemel, Sjef Van Beers, Vitruvian Grimace, Nick Vyssotsky, and Kara Stokowski.