CCRuWu was started on January 15th 2021. The very first meme posted was a picture of a national guard member lying on the floor of the capitol with a copy of Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher photoshopped into their hand (they had actually been reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand). We were off to an auspicious start. The overton window on social media was narrowing on the daily and we felt that new spaces are not just desired, but essential.

A space where memes can not only be distributed freely but can also be archived. A space where there are no likes or comments. Just an endless stream of memes 24/7.

On big platforms you need the network effect to grow. There are network effects on telegram but it is vastly diminished. We needed to advertise in the real world. We ordered 1.5k stickers and stuck them everywhere we could, shipped them far and wide as far as we could. If we needed any further proof that we were already on a list by now, a package of around 300 stickers went missing en route to a USA admin even though the tracking said "delivered". Greetings to our assigned federal agent reading this.

After 1 year of CCRuWu, we present to you this Ambient 4K ASMR TV New 1080p MEME Compilation 2022.