A shortlist of entries that represent the core interests of our community:

Rhizome Presents: Do Not Research Book Launch at the New Museum

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-06-06

'Do Not Research 2021 - 2022' reproduces written works from the blog: 143 posts by 110 contributors in the past 11 months.

Do Not Research: Group Show

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-04-23

The first in person exhibition of the Do Not Research community.

Arverne Cinema: Do Not Research in Rockaway

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-07-10

Do Not Research presents a screening of video works that explore niche internet subcultures and the strange experience of being online today; queer furry militias, UFO’s, conspiracy theories, anonymous message boards and memetic transmission.

Artist Profile: Dena Yago

Posted by <Günseli Yalcinkaya> on 2023-02-23

Using the language of consumer culture

Artist Profile: Simon Denny

Posted by <Toniann Fernandez> on 2023-02-23

Imag(in)ing Digital Wilderness

Screening + Q&A: We're All Going to the World's Fair (2021)

Posted by <Jane Schoenbrun>, <Tomi Faison> on 2022-10-15

Transcript from the DNR film program (09/22/22).

Screening + Q&A: Punctured Sky (2021)

Posted by <Filip Kostic>, <Jon Rafman> on 2022-10-15

Transcript from the DNR film program (03/16/22).

Random Forest: A Reading Room

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-10-15

A site-specific exhibition organized by Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe with Boo-Hooray.

Abuse Standards Violations (Excerpt)

Posted by <Eva Mattes>, <Franco Mattes> on 2022-10-15

A series of corporate guidelines leaked to the artists during their investigation into online content moderation.

I Love it When the Images, When the Images Wash Over Me

Posted by <Sam Stewart> on 2022-10-15

Shoutout all the posters.

Nude Self Portrait (DNR Mode)

Posted by <Hamzat Raheem> on 2022-10-15

To the user who tried to interact with this from Lagos Nigeria, I’m sorry I tapped “This wasn’t me”.

Transformers: Terminal (Trailer)

Posted by <Tomi Faison>, <Miles Engel-Hawbecker> on 2022-10-10

A feature film about an E-Girl, a soy boy, and the horrors of fandom.

DNR IRL @ lower_cavity

Posted by <Toniann Fernandez> on 2022-04-23

A reflection on the first IRL exhibition of work by the Do Not Research community.


Posted by <Holly O> on 2021-09-15

Holly Cow ruminates on the milk wars, casting light on the recent surge in popularity of alternative medicine and diet among the extremely-online

Over-Hyphenated Platform Capitalism Futures

Posted by <DNR Community> on 2022-02-15

In the last 30 minutes of our final reading-group meeting covering Srnicek's Platform Capitalism, participants were encouraged to make an over-hyphenated-speculative scenario based on the themes of the book.


Posted by <Dana Greenleaf> on 2022-02-15

A short film that transforms the chat-room of a porn-forum into a techno-feudal court

24 Hour Bed PC Live Stream

Posted by <Filip Kostic> on 2021-08-15

Neoliberalism's Toughest Battles < Strongest Soldier Flip Kostic

La La La La (Inside An Empty Room My Inspiration Flows)

Posted by <Nick Vyssotsky> on 2021-06-21

'La La La La (Inside An Empty Room My Inspiration Flows)' feels a bit like an indoctrination video that could have be used by MKultra or in the Ludovico Treatment, portraying a vision of the world defined by humanity's proximity to conflict, technology and precarity.

11 Notes From the Pod

Posted by <Tomi Faison> on 2022-02-15

Is this socialism or do you want me to live in the pod and eat the bugs?


Posted by <Devin Thomas O'Shea> on 2021-09-15

In the lead-up to graduate school in 2016, /lit/ was a way of eavesdropping on pseudo-academic conversations which didn’t end up helping me much while studying. But, I got to know the board, and ever since I’ve wanted to write something about it—especially if this piece can thread the needle of not condoning bigotry while creating a sympathetic account of why this niche exists.

Rate Your Shelf

Posted by <Margo Bergamini> on 2021-04-05

What happens when the posture of the auto-didact reinforces a radical stance — when you read a book to better wage culture war?

Sketchbook: Abbey Pusz

Posted by <Abbey Pusz> on 2021-09-15

Sketchbook is a series of eight vertical video art pieces. These works explore the often contradictory spiritual desires of today, while foregrounding the radical political demands for a postcapitalist or post-work future.

Neoliberal Children's Books

Posted by <Joe Iovino> on 2022-02-15

Joe Iovino gives us a special tour of his collection of Neoliberal Children's Books.

The Parasocial Spiral

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-09-15

In this report, Jak Ritger present three visualizations of how narrative, data and capital flow through digital information systems and offer strategies to subvert, detour or catalyze multi-directional liberation.

Auto Experiment: Hyper Masculinity

Posted by <Joshua Citarella> on 2021-09-15

This summer Joshua Citarella tried every internet folklore male improvement technique.


Posted by <Nate Sloan> on 2021-06-21

Do not kill the part of you that is cringe...

... kill the part that cringes.

Wake Up Babe, New Content by Instagram User @poorspigga Just Dropped

Posted by <Poorspigga> on 2021-09-15

POV: you're a man and poorspigga's staring out the meme and somewhere past where you're sitting

Long Meme

Posted by <Societyiftextwall> on 2021-09-15

Societyiftextwall supplies us with some greenpilled postpromethean antiantiutopian propaganda.

Starseeds: Alienation

Posted by <Matt L> on 2021-03-22

An analysis on the Starseed phenomenon, a spiritual community. While Starseeds are not directly related to Qanon, Matt L compares the two as biproducts of social alienation. Audio is available for this blog entry.

How to Plant a Meme

Posted by <Joshua Citarella> on 2022-04-11

"In late 2018, I began a secret 18 month long project to infiltrate and positively influence radical online Gen Z communities."