Carmelo Pampillonio

Carmelo Pampillonio is a sound artist and researcher. His work investigates sonic physicality, ecology, and vibrational interrelations between human and non-human forces.

His recent practices have focused on novel engagements with planetary-scale communication and sensing infrastructures, and granting scientific technologies reprieve from their usual regimes of deployment. Through a variety of media, his work proposes new possibilities of re-engaging with climatic and planetary systems that span nested spatiotemporal scales, where uncanny, multifaceted confrontations render them more legible than mere abstractions.

This research has brought Pampillonio into collaboration with experts in the fields of infrasound, seismology, radio astronomy, meteorology, acoustics, and conspiracy theories, and has culminated in a variety of interdisciplinary projects and residencies.

Pampillonio is currently on the Science Advisory Committee of the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI). He is the recipient of numerous residencies and awards, including the Wave Farm Transmission Arts Residency (NY), Pioneer Works Residency (NYC), Elektronmusikstudion Composer Residency (SE), and Titanik-galleria’s A.i.R. programme (FI). His projects have received support from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts (NYC) and Goethe-Institut Deutschland (DE).