Distributed Ledgers

Distributed Ledgers or “Public Ledgers” are created by Blockchain protocol. Rather than a single entity controlling the ledger, a Distributed Ledger is controlled by the ruleset of the blockchain itself and is immutable after new entries are added. Because no human is in control of the Distributed Ledger, cooperation between adversarial groups is possible, as well as anonymous access. It can be difficult to conceptualize the Distributed Ledger, as we do not have a historical reference point for this type of arrangement.

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Towards Crypétournement

Posted by <Jak Ritger> on 2021-03-19

What happens when you sell a meme? Dive into an ocean of levitated value and uncover the history of pictures and possible political futures for the new digital mirages we call “non-fungible-tokens.” Artist and Activist, Jak Ritger struggles to detour developments in cryptocurrency towards political agency.