Heaven is a space that is always just out of reach. In Christianity Heaven is a utopian goal, a space only revealed to us if we act the right way, perform certain tasks, or avoid certain behaviors. While we may live in "secular" times, Heavenly thinking still pervades our cultural consciousness. Silicon Valley evangelists, for example, signal Heavenly possibilities with each new keynote and product launch, promising a techno-utopia will be rewarded to us if we just work hard enough, buy the right things, think the right thoughts. In this way Heaven is a virtual space, always just over the horizon but never here.

WHOLEEARTHBELOWME is a sound piece that explores Heaven as it pervades our cultural consciousness. It uses AI voices, audio from Google Maps, and "meditational sounds'' found online to explore contemporary examples of Heavenly thinking - especially as it relates to new technologies. It was created while on residency at NAVE Proyecto in Quito, Ecuador.