"Say No" is the first single off of Standards volume 2, an EP by the musician, artist, and writer, Ross Simonini. The Standards project questions the traditions of success using traditional genres: pop, country, r&b, choral, blues, bossa nova, and jazz tunes. "Say No" uses the pop song form to provide a balancing counterpoint to goal-oriented thinking, and features collaborations from Eliza Callahan (of Purr), Daniel Aged (of Inc), Sam Kearney (of Fischerspooner), and Kelli Scarr. The video for the song is a continuation of the videos from Standards vol. 1 (2018) including those for In Praise of Idleness and Shame Shame. Co-directed by Simonini and Hayden Bennett, the video depicts animals, real and artificial, living in a human world, disinterested in human pursuits.