Office Luck and Bounty references cheap, everyday office materials, glorified elements of the sticks, and the avatar of a weeping secretary--a tattered creature more doll than human.  Here, amidst oppressive office phone-logs, calendars, and the paraphernalia of duty, there is a hypothetical promise of freedom, where dirt is the equalizer. The secretary is delusional, salacious, and looking to god. In her head, she is the freest human alive. Office Luck and Bounty looks through the eyes of an ordinary worker and lapses into her habit of historicizing splintered moments, treating them as precious gifts, whether they are repulsive or loveable, plain or extraordinary.

Animations made in collaboration with Sam Balfus. Scored with music by Galen Tipton and Elusin

A note from the suite upstairs
Cuteness comes with violence
Flirtation with hysteria
It is the search for grace where it’s not supposed to be
Substance here consists of of abandoned, chaotic girlhood
Dizzy accounts of teasing, crushing, and tantrums tracing all the way down