LOVELOAD (extended), 2022, 1:58

LOVELOAD is dealing with internet overload. One is searching for something… maybe for the most important desire. Where is the belief and where is love? Alienated from everything we run through the land of unliving bodies trying to find something higher. Maybe love and god are the same thing… Maybe that is all we are missing. New memes are like prayers and spells. Posting them is like a ritual. Making them makes one a vessel. Vessel for what?

The phenomena of the internet is a feeling. What even is the internet? It is an inbetween net that connects us, like telepathy, or more just like everything that we don’t see in matter, but what we feel in a unity of all, of all of us, of everything that is. What is the virtual? Something in essence or effect, though not actually or in fact… But how can there be something that isn’t actually? Everything is, and if nothing exists it is everything, so the loop loops. The highest desire is always love, which is the feeling of god. We shall find it online.