Alongside this alienation from traditional markers of adult autonomy has been the promotion of activities once meant for children now repackaged for the enjoyment of society’s disenfranchised young adults. This rebranding often happens with a subtle aesthetic shift as a means of making these products legitimate pastimes for people well outside the confines of childhood, such as Lego models of architecturally significant buildings, or coloring books concerning symbolism related to esoteric spiritual practices, such as tarot or astrology. These activities are further legitimized by their supposed ability to relieve stress and anxiety.

These self-care activities are marketed to and engaged in by people well within the borders of neoliberalism and are considered socially acceptable, while acts of self-care performed by people at the margins of society, often referred to as ‘terminally online’ are less so. Calling a stranger in an MMORPG a slur, trolling someone with bad faith responses to a tweet, or telling a person to kys on an image board are not activities considered productive or socially acceptable, but nonetheless provide a greater sense of catharsis than building a Lego model of Villa Savoye or coloring in a drawing of a cat meant to represent Virgo.

Astro Millennial NEET Bedroom Coloring Book For Adults unites these two disparate demographics into one fun activity perfect for anyone who is passionate about the zodiac or interested in the living spaces of people Not in Employment, Education or Training. All twelve signs of the western zodiac are represented here. Color in the one depicting your sign or do them all! These amazing horoscope designs will captivate your attention and you will spend quality time rediscovering the pleasure of coloring!