Do Not Research presents a screening of video works that explore niche internet subcultures and the strange experience of being online today; queer furry militias, UFO’s, conspiracy theories, anonymous message boards and memetic transmission. The program includes works by Dorian Electra with Weston Allen & Mike Diva, Dana Greenleaf, David Noel, Moodkiller with Weston Allen, Xavier Rotnofsky, and Nick Vyssotsky.

GATORADE by David Noel. 2021. 30 sec.
CALABASAS 1/26/20 by Xavier Rotnofsky. 2021. 11 min.
MY AGENDA by Dorian Electra, Mike Diva & Weston Allen. 2021. 3 min.
AREYOUWINNINGSON? by Dana Greenleaf. 2021. 11 min.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Mood Killer & Weston Allen. 2021. 2 min.
(COBWEBS SPUN BACK & FORTH IN THE SKY) by Nick Vyssotsky. 2021. 18 min.

Post-screening Q&A with Tomi Faison and directors Dana Greenleaf & Nick Vyssotsky.